Smart Watch 6 series with one year warranty

AED 89 AED 198

Smart Watch 6 Series with one year warranty 

1.      1.75-inch black Color, full Screen Smart Watch

2.      Size.44mm/charging time. 60m/Charger type. Magmatic /battery life. 3 days

2.    IP68 Waterproof

3.    one year warranty from the date of purchase

4.    Heart Rate Monitoring

5.    Blood Pressure Monitoring

6.    monitors your sleep patterns by showing deep and light sleep hours

7.    Bluetooth connectivity facilitates a wide transmission range

8.    Replies to messages and receives calls instantly

9.    Designed to give a stylish look and stronghold to a variety of surfaces

10. Outfitted with a pedometer that keeps a track of the number steps taken by you

11. Support Temperature Monitoring 

12. iOS/Android support

Total: AED 89

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